“Has anyone ever told you that you are HILARIOUS? You NAILED this crowd and they loved you. So, absolutely, did I!”
Wenda Harris Millard
Chief Sales Officer, Yahoo!
AUG 06

Jane Condon & Friends
Dreamland Theatre
Performing with Linda Belt and Marion Grodin
Nantucket, MA

SEP 28

Ladies of Laughter
Goodwill Theatre
Performing with Veronica Mosey
Johnson City, NY

SEP 29

The Undies Project
Performing with Ross Bennett
Greenwich, CT

OCT 12

Leading Ladies
Aqua Turf Club
Plantsville, CT

OCT 23

Gold Comedy
Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY

OCT 25

The River Grill
Performing with Davin Rosenblatt
Newburgh, NY

OCT 26

Ladies of Laughter
Emelin Theatre
Mamaroneck, NY

NOV 01

The Woman's Club of New Britain

NOV 16

Flapjack Comedy
Performing with Preston Simpson and Christine Hurley

DEC 07-08

Brew HaHa Comedy Club
City Steam Brewery

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